Canadian composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist & Five-time Juno Award winner/nominee Dubmatix, first burst onto the music scene and into the heads of reggae and base music fans around the world with his debut release Champion Sound Clash in 2004.

The Toronto-born Dubmatix, who is celebrating his 10th anniversary this year, is now firmly established as one of the top reggae producers in the world, with no less than five chart-topping releases in a row. They include the 2009 Juno nominated “Renegade Rocker”, the 2010 Juno award win for Best Reggae Recording, the Juno nominated ‘System Shakedown” in 2011, his 2012 Juno collaboration with Jamaican heavy-weight Luciano for “Seeds Of Love & Life” and the newly Juno nominated (2014) “Rebel Massive” Canada’s #1 Reggae release of 2013.

It is the years spent experimenting and learning that has honed Dubmatix’ sound, be it with his own material or outside projects. Dubmatix has developed a unique signature sound and style that is immediately recognizable – a Phil Spector-esque full sound utilizing heavy bass, majestic horn lines and thick-set percussive grooves. It is this unique style and sound that has made Dubmatix a household name in Reggae and he is busier than ever, launching yet another phase of his career that of a much sought after producer, engineer & radio host with his syndicated show the “Bassment Sessions” along with releasing the best-selling loop sample pack collection with UK’s Loopmasters. His unique rich full bodied sound has made Dubmatix the go-to for those artists and bands looking to add that depth of sound to their own records, such as on new releases by Billboard Chart toppers the Easy Star All Stars & John Brown’s Body.

Internationally Dubmatix has done Canada proud. Few Canadian Reggae artists have done as much for the genre, both in making music and promoting & playing it on stages all over the world! He found a global audience with his breakout album of 2008 “Renegade Rocker” that made him standout and earned him rave reviews & praise from musical pioneers Don Letts (BBC Radio/Celebrated & Award Winning Documentarian) as well as Dermott Hussey (Award Winning/Influential BBC Broadcaster).

2013 was a banner year of many firsts for Dubmatix that included a debut performance to the masses in Moscow, Russia where he has a large following along with no less than five tours completed, criss-crossing Europe to Mexico and capping the year off with a US tour with Billboard chart topping band The Easy Star All-Stars.

His in-demand production skills have kept Dubmatix busy in the studio, with no less than 100 projects on the go in any given year whether it’s mixing or scoring soundtrack music for movies like Canada’s “Home Again” his musical style can be heard over a broad landscape of musical outlets!

These days, you can find Dubmatix touring the International stages for legions of fans in France, UK, Brussels, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic and a massive following in Mexico where he completed two tours in 2013 alone!

Just recently, Dubmatix has added radio show host & broadcaster to his long list of personal achievements. He hosts a two hour weekly radio show on CIUT in his hometown of Toronto as well as a bi-weekly Reggae show that is syndicated in the UK, France & Germany.

Dubmatix has amassed a large following on the Social Media scene with over 1.5 million followers on SoundCloud & over 200,000 Facebook fans!
2014 kicked off with a bang as Dubmatix leapt onto Billboard Magazine’s Uncharted Top 50 (a list of the fastest growing and developing artists around the world) a mainstay on the charts for over 20 weeks now!

2014 is shaping up to be Dubmatix busiest year yet as he prepares to embark on yet another tour that will kick off in March for seven weeks and take him to France, Romania, Belgium & Germany. A summer festival tour in the works for June starting in Costa Rica, followed by a new sample loop disc for Loopmasters and of course a new album entitled “In Dub” to celebrate his 10 year anniversary of making great Canadian Reggae music for the masses!

Rita DiMichele
Music Media Network

Benjamin Chan
Last Gang Publishing



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