Gazelle Twin is the creation of producer, composer, and artist Elizabeth Bernholz. Her acclaimed debut LP, The Entire City and Mammal EP is soon to be succeeded by the new, industrial-pop full-length, Unflesh.

In March, the creep-out single “Belly Of The Beast” premiered on Dazed & Confused and SPIN, with airplay from BBC Radio 1, 6 Music (courtesy of Mira Calix) and XFM. The second drip-feed arrived packaged on limited edition 12″ vinyl with a B-side and remixes. A string of rare UK and EU live dates, from Brighton to Berlin will accompanied the release.

Anti Body ramps up the stripped back, industrial-form first glimpsed in “Belly of The Beast;” here, deadpan vocals hammer out anxious sentiment over machine-drums and broken Moog arpeggios, which, according to Claire Boucher (a.k.a. Grimes,) is “like suicide meets NIN but really feminine and modern,” described upon hearing the demo in 2013. B-side “Phobia” is starker still, recalling the vast inner-landscapes of The Entire City, but with a gentle claustrophobia.

Exploring the dark drama at play, Wrangler contribute an ultra-minimal, techno reworking, with shocks of dungeonesque vocals by ex-Cabaret Voltaire frontman Stephen Mallinder. The Goblin soundtrack-inspired “I Speak Machine” (a.k.a. Tara Busch) flies off-world with her offering; soaring in an arrestingly creepy major key, with lead vocals slowed right down to an uneasy stammer.

Anti Body‘s accompanying music film comes courtesy of British director, photographer and designer Chris Turner a.k.a. Favourite Colour Black. Playing out scenes reminiscent of an 80’s teen horror movie, the faceless girl in school-blue sportswear emerges from a communal shower room, in this “deeply personal” depiction.