Formed in 2003, Magneta Lane was celebrated on delivery by numerous pundits on both sides of the Canada/U.S. divide as an uncannily pop-savvy trio of teenage ingénues.

Magneta Lane was formed in suburban Toronto by Lexi Valentine, her sister/drummer Nadia King and one-named bassist French in 2003. Paper Bag Records issued their debut EP, The Constant Lover, in 2004.

Months and months of hard touring at home and in the States ensued, hardening the band into the notably less naïve outfit that was steered towards a more tantalizingly aggressive sound by producer Jesse Keeler (of Death From Above 1979/MSTRKRFT infamy) on its debut full-length, Dancing With Daggers, in 2006

The band eventually released their LP ‘Gambling With God’ in 2009 through Last Gang Records. From a review by Pitchfork:

Put on Magneta Lane’s second album, Gambling With God, and you might think that you accidentally tapped into an alt-rock radio station frequency from 1995. The band’s crunchy sound and ready-for-airplay hooks recall FM glory days when bands like Veruca Salt and Letters to Cleo were rattling around the buzz bin.



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