Modern Superstitions are an intense new band out of Toronto; a trio of childhood pals specializing in an original vision that blends pop, rock, punk and Motown with the melodic invention of a White Stripes and the sparse vigor of a Velvet Underground.

Hailed by Chart Attack as a band to watch in the future, Modern Superstitions’ teenage members, leather-lunged singer Nyssa, guitarist Matthew and bass player Harry, offer compelling life observations on the dramatically spunky “Go Between” and the powerful “Mercy Line” with an eye on achieving three noble ambitions: great songwriting, integrity and longevity.

A voice of today’s times that will resonate tomorrow and for years to come, Modern Superstitions is the must-hear, must-see band of the moment, and the next necessary step in your personal chain of music discovery. The time for enlightenment is now.