Panurge has embarked on an unrelenting quest for sonic perfection.

Walking in the Fog, the band’s third album, charts their invigorating pursuit of such an elusive goal. Even while supporting their sophomore disc, work was already underway on Walking in the Fog. Enforcing short deadlines during the demo stage, Panurge often found themselves recording and arranging songs in the same day. The truncated process spawned their most spontaneous work to date. The final months of 2005 were then dedicated to the recording of the album proper.

The end result is a wondrous melding of the eccentric immediacy of Erectangle and the accomplished execution of Throw Down the Reins. Released August 1, 2006 on Last Gang Records, Walking in the Fog is the product of a band that’s eschewed influence’s sway in order to forge a distinct identity of their own. While Panurge was originally a creative collision of individuals, the band now employs a hive mind with their craft. It has become nearly impossible to discern where one member’s contribution concludes and another’s commences. All told, it could be argued that Walking in the Fog is a misnomer for the band’s latest album. A literal interpretation of the title evokes directionless wandering through indistinguishable surroundings. Conversely, Panurge are carrying out their musical vision with greater focus and clarity than ever before.


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