Sebastien Grainger is a master of sound.

While Sebastien may gnash his teeth and beat everything up as the singer and drummer of visceral power-duo Death From Above 1979, solo project Yours To Discover is a declaration of peace in a time of war. It’s an invitation to an exciting new land where back to basics pop lunges forward with a peerless contemporary sound.

Yours To Discover flies freely and gloriously through musical space, paying no mind to status quos but finding itself bound together tightly by Grainger’s epic ability to pinpoint the ideal beat for every moment, and the perfect vocal tone for every lyric. From the slow build and anticipation of the stunning “I’m Looking For A Hand” which has Sebastien “looking for a sound in a world of vision,” to the heady indie-pop single “Going With You” (that will no doubt cause some pretty major sing-alongs in the coming months and years,) Yours To Discover is a journey worth taking.