Last Gang Records has produced, supervised and/or distributed Film & Television Soundtracks for various projects. A full list of releases can be found below.

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Year Of The Carnivore (2009) [IMDB] [Trailer]
Daydream Nation (2011) [IMDB] [Trailer]
National Parks Project (2011) [IMDB] [Trailer]
Welcome To Me (2014) [IMDB] [Trailer]
Visitors (2014) [IMDB] [Trailer]
Zipper (2015) [IMDB] [Trailer]
Meadowland (2015) [IMDB] [Trailer]

Last Gang has secured synch placements in various television shows (Glee, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Nashville, Lost Girl), large commercial ad campaigns (Motorola, Nike Action Sports, Vitamin Water, Kraft, Telus), blockbuster video games (Grand Theft Auto IV, Saints Row II, MMA, Shaun White Skate, FIFA 2010) and major motion picture films (Ghost Rider 2, Pitch Perfect, Date Night, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). Last Gang also acts as an independent music supervision consultancy, most providing supervision services on feature films Year Of The Carnivore, Daydream Nation, and more recently for feature films, Welcome to Me, Visitors, and Meadowland.

Benjamin Chan
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Daydream Nation

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Year Of The Carnivore

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