“I believe in life and love itself. But I’m kinda worried with the direction of how things a turn still, but me just a be optimistic because Jamaica is our place. We just really need to get it back up and running.” – Terry Lynn

The 9th of nine children, Terry Lynn was born and raised in Olympic Gardens, otherwise known as Waterhouse, an impoverished area in Kingston, Jamaica. Terry grew up a tomboy competing against boys all her life, from skateboards to rhymes. Her favorite hobby besides survival was to lyrically clash with guys selling produce amidst the chaotic markets and crowded arcades of Kingston. She would fiercely take on anyone causing an uproar from passersby witnessing a female spitting hard, insightful lyrics about the city swirling around them. As a young woman with a different perspective, Terry didn’t fit into the local studio system of rapid recording and was frustrated by the frivolous sounds and hook-driven subject matter.

Terry Lynn captures with words a sense of Kingston’s environment and Jamaica’s struggles the way a camera captures images with a lens. Her first single, “Kingstonlogic,” is a two part story about elements that negatively impact life in Kingston. Verse one about crime, verse two about drugs.

The “Kingstonlogic” video pairs Terry’s words with renowned Kingston photographer Peter Dean Rickards of The Afflicted Yard, resulting in a photograph for every phrase in the song. International remixes include France’s Olivier Giacomotto & Spaniard Damon Jee, Canadians John Acquaviva & Jonathan Coe, Chicago house legend L.A. Williams along with additional contributions from NYC, Bern, Zurich, Miami, Barcelona, Toronto and Stockholm.