The following are excerpts from the world’s first-ever non-interactive CD-ROM, “Funksta 2 Funksta: Tiga Unleashed” Here, Tiga discusses his full-length album Ciao!:

Q: What do you think sets this new album apart from your past work?
A: Writing songs before I record them. It thought this would primarily entail aging sheet music with teabags, but I quickly learned otherwise. It’s ultimately a matter of trusting yourself, of having the courage to say, “These are the times, and these are the rhymes.” Having now been through the process, I feel I have become exactly what Leonard Cohen would be if he owned a jetski with a detachable sidecar. Or a bicycle built for two where the riders face each other. I call it a Spicycle.

Q: You work largely within a group of friends who are all established, respected musicians. What are the most important things you contribute to these collaborations?

A: To Soulwax, I am The Ravenaïf Whose Eyes Will Not Stop Gleaming. To Jesper Dahlback, I bring vision and viscera to the Funky Picture Show. To Gonzales, I am The Man with the Toggle-Switch Eyebrows. To Jori Hulkonnen, I am Futureface. To James Murphy, I am the Off-the-Wall Montrealer. I have always felt that playing instruments and touching equipment is beneath me, so I am forced to communicate all my ideas with my voice. Around the studio, they call me The Vibesayer. To my face.

Q: What is it to sing?
A: (Singing) “My friend, I never dreamed that / I would get to sing / Never knew the fun and passion / That my voice would bring.” I have learned that the voice can lift what muscles mustn’t. I’m talking about the human spirit, jerk. Do you sing people over cliffs, or down from ledges?

Q: Are you happy with what you’ve been able to achieve?
A: Once you realize you have the power to rent a limo anytime you please, you know in your heart that you’re not like other men. To hear 10,000 people chant your name and then have them locked inside the venue until you have had a chance to learn all of theirs. My goal has always been to become the most famous man in the world by the time I am 50. Failing that, I will assume the identity of a respected physician. My album’s success will determine whether the world will ever come to know Dr. Timothy Tiga.