Tre Mission is a 22-year old MC/producer from Toronto with a completely singular approach to music that sets him apart from his contemporaries.

The architect of a top to bottom unique sound and aesthetic patching together pieces of hip hop, grime, reggae, dancehall, bass, dubstep, jungle, and house into the full-length debut album Malmaison, Tre showcases remarkable range for a young self-produced independent artist. Guarding his integrity both visual and musical like gold, he brings forth a sound that is at once brand new yet drawing from a series of familiar sounds and places.

Born and raised in Toronto and the offspring of a Trinidadian mother and Jamaican father, Tre Mission carries a deep connection to his West Indian roots and culture, citing Bob Marley as his number one influence and gateway into his musical path. From a young age, he’s kept music close to him and considered himself a disciple of hip hop, studying all the artists from his city, watching different styles and trends closely and always keeping his sights on authenticity. The discovery of grime was a revelation to him, opening his eyes to an underground culture that was genuine and offered the possibilities of new sounds, production styles and lyrical technique. A couple years ago, he entered that world as an outsider from Canada, quickly spreading his name in the scene like wildfire, working closely with genre leaders like Wiley and making appearances on high profile platforms like Tim Westwood’s radio show and Lord of The Mics 3.

Since then, Tre Mission has been collecting co-signs from all corners of the industry and prepping the release to his upcoming debut opusMalmaison. With an honest lyrical style that marries introspection and bravado, he stays away from materialism and builds a narrative that is personal and human. The soundtrack to the world of Tre Mission is just getting introduced and you can believe the best is yet to come.

Ricardo Chung
Last Gang Management