Astrocolor: ‘Lit Up: Music For Christmas’

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By Greg

On Nov 12, 2015

“Really mom…‘Blue Christmas’ by Elvis…AGAIN!?” Are you tired of hearing that same old song, every year during the Holidays? For decades, we dust off the old holiday vinyl and play the classics — so why not treat your ears to something different?

Last Gang is excited to announce a new holiday music project from Astrocolor: Lit Up. Conceived as an experimental Christmas album for a new generation of holiday listeners, it features 10 seasonal classics that have been artfully deconstructed and reinvented. Ambient, dubby, and jazzy, the album takes cues from influences including Massive Attack, Air, Stan Getz, and St. Germain. Perfect as background music for any seasonal soiree, Lit Up may also be the first Christmas album you’ll consider playing year-round.

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