Bear Mountain premieres new track “On My Own”

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By Greg

On Aug 25, 2016

Bear Mountain is ready to release a new single from their forthcoming record Badu. The new track is entitled “On My Own” and was co-written with world-renowned singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado. Billboard has the feature on the new track:

“It was a great vibe/connection,” Furtado tells Billboard. In terms of lyrical content, “Right away it felt like the song was about an ex-lover,” Bevis says. “‘I gave it one last cry, I said my last goodbyes.’ You’ve already said goodbye to this person, and you’ve moved on, but for whatever reason you see them out one night after some time has passed, and they want to hash up the past. You need to say something stern, almost mean to them in order to really let them know they don’t get to hurt you anymore, ‘You’re such a joke.'”

Listen to the track, below, and also make sure to check out Bear Mountain’s new video for “Give It Up.”

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