Death from Above 1979 join Chromeo on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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By Greg

On Oct 31, 2013

BYORS (Bring Your Own Rhythm Section)! In case you missed it, Last Gang pretty much took over NYC Tuesday night with two of our favourite musical acts teaming up to take on late night television. Montreal’s Chromeo trotted out their brand new single, Sexy Socialite, from their forthcoming album, White Women, with Toronto’s Death From Above 1979 sitting in as their very special guest rhythm section for a walloping performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Watch the performance. Have a listen to the single. The single is now available for purchase on iTunes. Gearing up for its 10th year anniversary, this Last Gang Records tag team is a true testament to what this indie record company that could has to offer.

Since 2010’s critically acclaimed Business Casual album, it seems that the world has caught up to the brand of 80s inspired electrofunk that Chromeo has diligently been crafting for almost ten years. Their upcoming White Women LP is certainly the group’s most ambitious, as it crystallizes their unique arch, high brow-low brow aesthetic. Filled with seven-minute synth jams, orchestral arrangements, more live instrumentation than ever before and of course, hilarious lyrics, White Women also sports Dave and Pee’s catchiest pop tunes to date. Sexy Socialite follows up the album’s first single, Over Your Shoulder.

Death From Above 1979 are in the studio working on the sophomore follow up to their gold selling debut, You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine. Expect more news of the 2014 release date soon. They play the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on December 26th. Sebastien Grainger of DFA1979 releases his sophomore solo album, Yours To Discover, on November 12th through Last Gang Records. His first single, Going With You, is popping up on radio across the country. Yours To Discover is a declaration of peace in a time of war. It’s an invitation to an exciting new land where back to basics pop lunges forward with a peerless contemporary sound.