Electric Youth return with their “February Story Mix – Part III”

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By Greg

On Feb 24, 2016

While Electric Youth are busy scoring several films and continuing to work on their sophomore record, they’ve managed to keep up with their timely tradition of the “February Story Mix” series (listen to the first two here).

Inspired by the Oscar-nominated 1984 documentary Streetwise, which chronicles the lives of teenage runaways living on the streets of Seattle, it features tracks from Brian Eno, Chrome Sparks, Sébastien Tellier, Tangerine Dream, and unreleased Electric Youth material, weaved into a three-act narrative.

The mix’s cover image is of two kids in the film, Patti and Munchkin, taken by acclaimed American photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark (who passed away last year). Streetwise was directed by her husband Martin Bell, and based on her 1983 LIFE magazine photo essay “Streets of the Lost,” which profiled the same set of kids.

“Dedicated to the memories of Mary Ellen Mark, Patti, Lulu, Roberta, Dewayne and Yow.”

Check out the mix below via THUMP and also make sure to check out the HOT PINK limited edition vinyl of Electric Youth’s Innerworld in the Last Gang Shop.

A February Story Mix Part III (Story of the Runaways) Tracklist

Act I – Running

1. (Intro) EYxBOC – Farewell Runaway Fire
2. Johan Agebjörn feat. Sally Shapiro – The Best Thing (Electric Youth Cover)
3. Alison Valentine – Curious (Chrome Sparks Remix)
4. The Buggles – Inner City (Edit)
5. Electric Youth – Modern Fears
6. Tyrell and The Hasbeens – Maybe
7. SSQ – Anonymous
8. I:Cube – In Alpha
9. Cellophane – Music Colours
10. Family – Is On (Edit)

Act II – Lost

11. Le Matos – Light Again (feat. Electric Youth) (Unreleased 2011 Demo Version)
12. Ny-Lon – When You Love Someone (Lifelike Remix)
13. Nicolas Makelberge – DIA
14. Strawberry Switchblade – Go Away
15. Anoraak – Falling Apart
16. Savage – Turn Around

Act III – Found

17. Alan and The Spimes – One More Chance
18. Raynard J. – Takin’ Me to Paradise
19. Midnight Blue – Shadows
20. Domina – You Got My Soul
21. Tangerine Dream – Charly The Kid
22. Sébastien Tellier – Aller vers le soleil
23. Chrome Sparks – Cosmic Claps of Love

End Credits

24. Pnau – With Us
25. Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)