Gazelle Twin releases ‘Fleshed Out’ July 29th!

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By Greg

On Jul 27, 2016

Gazelle Twin’s UNFLESH (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray / Last Gang, September 2014) was one of 2014’s most acclaimed, independent electronic albums, highlighted by the New York Times, NPR, The Quietus, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused and recently dubbed ‘a classic of our time’ by BBC Radio 3’s Max Reinhardt.

Following its 2-year worldwide tour and off-shoot film and performance project with Carla MacKinnon,‘Out Of Body’ (2015), the Blue-Hoody chapter of Gazelle Twin culminates in the remix LP FLESHED OUT – with autopsied and re-animated tracks by 10 exceptional producers in a double-gatefold vinyl package, released on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray and Last Gang Records on 29 July 2016.

Perc’s brutally stark rework of ‘Anti Body’ blows the collection open and is paired with the inventive, dub treatment of ‘GUTS’ by unsigned, 19yr-old producer – Don’t Look. Legendary Throbbing Gristle duo, Carter Tutti (Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter), give ‘Unflesh’ a surprisingly gentle treatment, and Wrangler’s previously released version of ‘Anti Body’ (Anti Body EP, May 2014) contrasts the unmistakable snarls of Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) with production by Benge (John Foxx and The Maths) and Phil Winter (Tuung). Vanishing (Tesla Tapes) featuring Gareth Smith’s vocals alongside members of Gnod and Warm Widow, deliver a staggering re-vocalisation of ‘Still Life’.

Moving into clubbier modes, Disc 2 spins into Dave Clarke’s high-energy mix of ‘Exorcise’ (also released on ‘Charcoal Eyes’ on N.E.W.S in April 2016), and Polish producer, Zamilska, chills ‘Belly of the Beast’ right down to its knuckles. Blanck Mass’ eastern-tinged remix of ‘Still Life’ winds the tempo down further into I Speak Machine’s (Tara Busch) shimmering, analogue re-imagining of ‘Anti Body’ (also previously released on Anti Body EP), before Lone Taxidermist’s (Natalie Sharp and Phil Winter of Tunng) version of ‘Premonition’ delicately snuffs out the flame.

Track listing:
1. Anti Body (Perc Remix)
2. Guts (Don’t Look Remix)
3. Unflesh (Carter Tutti Remix)
4. Anti Body (Wrangler Remix)
5. Still Life (Vanishing Remix)
6. Exorcise (Dave Clarke Remix)
7. Belly Of The Beast (Zamilska Remix)
8. Anti Body (I Speak Machine Remix)
9. Still Life (Blanck Mass Remix)
10. Premonition (Lone Taxidermist Remix)

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