Harrison reveals Atmosphere (feat. Daniela Andrade)

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On Jul 27, 2018

Toronto artist, Harrison, has shared the “Atmosphere” from his upcoming sophomore full-length albumFellow Canadian, Daniela Andrade, also brings ethereal vocals to Harrison’s smooth production.

“I made the instrumental a year prior, but was unfinished. It was the first song we worked on together for this album. Daniela came up with the hook really quickly,” says Harrison. “Nothing was re-written. Probably came up with the lyrics in a half hour. Daniela’s vocals are mixed well into the track. They don’t sit up front. Fits the song perfectly.”


Harrison launched the album news last month through the release of first single, Celica Supra. The video for the track is comprised of clips Harrison shared on social media leading up to the release.  Executed with audience in mind, the footage syncs with the song, right down to the BPM, with Harrison’s Instagram edits leading into a longer format video. Watch the video for Celica Supra here.

On the track, Harrison comments, “Celica Supra was actually the song I decided to base the album around. Around that time, I was looking to buy my first car, and there was a Celica Supra up on Kijiji that I was obsessed with. I didn’t end up buying it because it was a project car with way too much work to be done.”

“Those videos from the late 80s and 90s are footage from a period I idolize, but was never around to experience,” Harrison says of the visual direction for the piece. “I feel like there’s a certain warmth that radiate from the videos especially the ones where people are dancing because of the lack of cellphones. That makes me feel good.”

More to come!