Harrison’s ‘Colors’ featured on Vinyl A Day!

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By Greg

On Sep 10, 2015

Attention vinyl lovers: If you haven’t heard of this Instagram account, you MUST check out Vinyl A Day. We’re fans, and we were delighted to load the Instagram app one day and see ‘Colors’ by Last Gang Records artist Harrison prominently featured — with a great writeup to boot!

Take a look, below:

Harrison – Colors EP limited edition white vinyl limited to 500 copies. – I'm not sure if any of you have heard this ep yet, but I highly recommend you go do that…and soon. This album oozes super juicy electro pop with a side of funk. The five tracks produced by the 19 year old from Toronto are extremely impressive. A few of the tracks feature Maddee, who's vocals pair perfectly. Big thanks to @lastgangent for this fantastic music and @harrison.music for all his talent. I can't wait to hear a full album from Harrison. In the meantime I recommend watching the first music video (as far as I've ever seen) made to be watched on a phone for Harrison's track titled "How Can It Be" with the link in my bio.

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