Last Gang welcomes Loving

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On May 16, 2019

Victoria, BC’s Loving is the musical collaboration of David Parry and brothers Lucas and Jesse Henderson.  The group came together several years ago as a result of their shared summers working in the capitalist ruins of British Columbia’s forests. Loving quietly self-released their debut eponymous EP just a few years back which organically garnered high acclaim and a dedicated fanbase — it currently stands with over 21 million streams worldwide. They’ve toured selectively throughout North America and Europe, supporting prominent artists including Alice Phoebe Lou, Crumb, Still Woozy and more.

Today, Last Gang Records is pleased to announce Loving have joined the family and will be releasing their first full-length record due this fall.

Loving have also unveiled their latest work,”Nihilist Kite Flyer”.  The single represents a deeper exploration of the band’s creative process – a process marked by an appreciation for the generative limitations of recording to tape. Their sound constructs a warm and dreamy sonic landscape kept adrift by existentially oriented lyrics and an unspecified all-encompassing sense of nostalgia.

Click to listen to “Nihilist Kite Flyer”.