'Love & Mercy' by Gazelle Twin, available now!

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By Ashley

On May 04, 2015

The season 5 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ concluded with a haunting rendition of Brian Wilson’s ‘Love And Mercy’ by our very own Gazelle Twin.

“I had only recently been looking at Michonne [a central character in ‘The Walking Dead’] action figures on the internet,” she says. “I love all the offshoots from the comic, including the video game. I had a Beach Boys song at my wedding, so this was one of those dream scenarios.”

Thomas Golubic, the music supervisor for the show said, “Scott Gimple [writer of the TV series] had the idea of doing a cover of ‘Love and Mercy,’ and we reached out to avant garde electronic artist Gazelle Twin (Elizabeth Bernholz). The sunniness of Brian Wilson’s song dovetails so nicely with Elizabeth’s darker production aesthetic to create what we think is another compelling and surprising music moment to close the season finale.”

“Conversations with Thomas were fascinating,” says Bernholz. “I respond best to visual leads and he perfectly articulated this idea of pitching dark vs light, and weaving tenderness, horror and sadness altogether.”

“Love And Mercy” by Gazelle Twin is available now via iTunes, or stream below via Spotify.