Megative drops new video, announces tour

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On Mar 02, 2018

Brooklyn-based collective, MEGATIVE, (Tim Fletcher of The Stills, Gus Van Go, Like Minds, and Screechy Dan) is creating a dark and deep subterranean dub, heavily influenced by the sounds that came out of the UK punk and reggae scene of the late 70s. The group signed to Last Gang Records in 2017 and released their debut single, More Time, and now they’re back with a brand-new video for the single, Can’t Do Drugz (Like I Used To). Both tracks will appear on the band’s new full-length album, which is set for release this spring. Watch it below and catch the band on tour through April and May (details listed below).

“This song is about a man hitting an existential rock-bottom,” says Fletcher. “A man finally seeing how far he has taken avoiding himself, realizing how deep he’s buried his pain… all under the pretense of having a good time – all the time. Now he’s understanding you don’t get a second body, a second brain, or a second life, and he’s filled with dread and remorse. I feel for what people like Syd Barrett and Brian Wilson went through. They were wounded and vulnerable… like many of us. Then too many drugs were added to the mix, and it destroyed them. This song is about the very tangible fear of venturing too close to that abyss.”

Adds Sabre Dane, Director of the Can’t Do Drugz (Like I Used To) video: “A friend had told me Gus had been working on a project with Tim and the gang on a new project and that it might be up my ally. After what I heard, I was intrigued as hell. I grew up listening to a lot of the genres these guys were playing with. So when Gus got in touch with me, I jumped at the chance. 

Gus, Tim and I came to a general base for what we were after – we knew we wanted that late 70s gritty Manchester vibe while keeping with the depths of what the song was about – no better way to show that then keep it sweaty and live. I brought on two of my favourite doc shooters (Wes Legge and Adrian Smith) to shoot the live portion with me – and my longtime collaborator, Curry Leaman to make sense of all the stuff we captured. 

The street portion really just became a hangout session between Gus, Tim, Screechy and I. Super chill and kind of felt it out as we went. I think it kept everything honest that way. Tim was a champ with how many cigs he had to light that night, Screechy the same by keeping his performance heavy with the other two dudes dancing and jumping around behind me.  Properly dug teaming up with Gus’ brain the night we shot – it was a bit of a party and really dig what came out of it.”


April 25 – Lavaltrie, QC – Chasse-Galerie

April 26 – Montreal, QC – Le National

April 28 – Ottawa, ON – Babylon

May 1 – Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge

May 3 – Toronto, ON – Longboat Hall

May 4 – London, ON – London Music Hall (Rum Runners)

May 5 – Hamilton, ON – Mills Hardware

May 10 – Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory

May 11 – Washington, DC – Black Cat

May 12 – Philadelphia, PA – Ortlieb’s Lounge