MSTRKRFT premiere video for “Runaway”

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By Greg

On Jul 15, 2016

From Fat Boy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” with Christopher Walken’s infamous skat to Beyonce “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It),” music videos have been a place for memorable choreographed dance expression. Now, MSTRKRFT aims to join these annals with “Runaway,” their new single out today, July 15.

For “Runaway,” Canadian director Brooks Reynolds captures new arrival Charlton Diaz on a dance-capade through rundown downtown Toronto. Pitchfork premiered the video today and you can watch the clip below.

“Runaway,” appears on OPERATOR — MSTRKRFT’s new album (their first in seven years) — due out on July 22nd on Last Gang Records. Says AL-P of the song, “…we were looking for something that flirted with pop sensibilities, but was still a-typical. We were impressed with the processing and vocal synthesizing that Jonathan Bates of Big Black Delta used, and thought that something in that style would work well with the song. Jonathan gave us a vocal constructed of idea fragments similar to something Bowie would write, along with an abstract arrangement that allowed ‘Runaway’ to exist as both a pop song and an art piece.”

You can pre-order the record NOW via: iTunes / Amazon / Google Play Music / Last Gang Shop