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By Greg

On Jul 21, 2016

Plenty has been said over the months about the new MSTRKRFT record OPERATOR and the release date is finally upon us!

In advance of release date on 7/22, HMV has featured an interview with Al-P & Jesse of MSTRKRFT. In response to a question on the sound of the record, Al-P stated:

“…we’ve been talking about this album a lot recently, we’ve come up with a term to describe the kind of music we’ve been making: ‘hard listening.’ The opposite of easy listening. [Jesse laughs.] That really tickled us.”

Check out the interview here. You can also watch MSTRKRFT’s latest video for “Runaway” below.

Purchase OPERATOR via iTunes / Amazon / Google Play Music / Last Gang Shop.

Also, MSTRKRFT’s first record The Looks just turned 10 years old and for a limited time, you can purchase a digital download ON SALE at iTunes.