New MSTRKRFT remix and live record

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By Greg

On Sep 30, 2016

Today, Canada’s MSTRKRFT (comprised of Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P), share a new remix of ‘Runaway’ – which comes, in its original form, from their recently released third album, OPERATOR (out now on Last Gang Records).

Following on from Patrick Stump’s recent re-imagining of the track, this time around it’s the turn of DFA Records stalwart The Juan Maclean, who offers up an immersive yet free-flowing take on the OPERATOR highpoint. You can listen to it right now on CLASH, who say of it: “Silken-smooth house influences ripple alongside traces of the distorted original, with the producer locating the hidden dancefloor core of MSTRKRFT.” Listen to it here.

Speaking to CLASH about the remix, Al-P says: “MSTRKRFT and Juan go way back. We toured our first album with him and we had an awesome time. When we were looking for remixes we thought of him right away and just asked him to make something that he was psyched about and sounded like Juan. The depth of the poly synth programming in his mix is a masterpiece, and his vocal cuts were really unexpected.”

The remix features on an EP that also contains Stump’s take, as well as versions by Phantom’s Revenge and Mr. Oizo (who also turns in a remix of ‘Party Line’), which is available digitally from Oct 21st on Last Gang.

Recently speaking to Alternative Press about the remixes, Keeler says, “… the only thing we ask of anybody that we work with, whether it’s a remix or doing a vocal, or whatever-we just want who we’re working with to be excited about what they’re giving us, and at that point, it’s trusting their artistic ideas. If we were going to try and control the system fully, we’d just do it ourselves, right? You’ve got to let go of the reins and let people do what they’re doing and try not to put them in too tight of a box. Once the process started, that was it.”

In further news from the MSTRKRFT camp today, the duo are proud to share news of a live album, Live At The Phoenix, now streaming on Spotify: