Nico Yaryan shares “Driftin” with DIY Mag

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By Greg

On Feb 05, 2016

Ahead of a sold out show with Albert Hammond Jr at the Roxy in L.A. and tour dates in Paris and London, Nico Yaryan has shared a new track, “Driftin” with DIY Mag. Already featured on Spotify’s Viral Charts with over 1.3 million streams on his first single “Just Tell Me,” “Driftin” is another glimpse into the luscious classic sound of Nico Yaryan.

As touched upon, Nico will be opening for Albert Hammond Jr. at The Roxy in L.A. on Wednesday, February 10th and has lined up European tour dates with Sunflower Bean & Kid Wave. More info at Songkick and Nico’s Facebook page.

Check out the premiere of “Driftin” at DIY Mag, as well as lock down your pre-order of Nico Yaryan’s What A Tease via the Last Gang Shop.