Octavio Is Dead! Soundtrack Is Out Today!

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By Hilary Grant

On Jun 15, 2018

Today, OCTAVIO IS DEAD! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is released via Last Gang Records, ahead of the film’s June 22nd theatrical release. Premiering at the Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto on June 2nd, the film has already received widespread praise including reviews from The Globe and Mail and Deadline.

The film is by award-winning film-maker, musician, actor, visual artist, dance-maker and broadcaster, Sook-Yin Lee, starring Sarah Gadon, Rosanna Arquette, Raoul Trujillo and Dimitris Kitsos.

“We love movies and share a deep appreciation for cinematic score,” says Sook-Yin Lee, Adam Litovitz and Alia O’Brien, from the band Blood Ceremony, who wrote the soundtrack. “We were in sync, communicating in a musical shorthand where ideas came swiftly and uncannily, harmoniously in dis-harmony, creating a sonic dimension that is vivid, pleasurable, and dangerous. Mise en scène asserts that everything counts within a frame of a movie, and in Octavio is Dead! music is subconscious drive and emotion. Let it lull you somewhere special.” 

OCTAVIO IS DEAD! Soundtrack is written, recorded, engineered, produced and performed by Alia O’Brien (of the band Blood Ceremony), Adam Litovitz, and Sook-Yin Lee. It also features the Onakabazien remix of “Ghost of Love” by JOOJ.

Embracing the tradition of distinct director-composer relationships inspired by the likes of Ennio Morricone/Sergio Leone and Goblin/Dario Argento, O’Brien, Lee & Litovitz weave supernatural sounds that arouse emotional states, creating foreground music that embodies a character of its own in the movie.

Utilizing drones, electric koto, harps, flute, symphonic strings, and fuzzed-out bass, Ms. O’Brien’s atmospheric compositions collide with the coarse and raw “dirt and stone” sounds of Lee & Litovitz to conjure a dreamy, pagan other-world.  Evoking 60s psychedelia, ancient folk song, bump-and-grind burlesque, trap-beat minimalism, and Moog synth-trance, the original music is one of the defining features of OCTAVIO IS DEAD! and stands on its own as a singular sonic expression.

Purchase the album here, and see below for the complete tracklist.

OCTAVIO IS DEAD! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

  1. Octavio’s Battle
  2. Remnants
  3. Cemetery Follow
  4. Kicked Out of Dream Bar
  5. Blue Bathroom
  6. Boy Walk
  7. Tyler
  8. Sasha Von Bon Bon
  9. Claudia Lynx
  10. Fuck All
  11. Book Packing
  12. Stelton Mexico City
  13. Octavio’s Apartment
  14. Ghost of Love (Onakabazien Remix)