Operators touring in Europe

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By Greg

On May 11, 2017

Operators are still busy on the road, with several festival and club dates in Europe.

The band is riding the wave of their 2016 release Blue Wave that saw them tour with Future Islands, play Iceland Airwaves, record performances with outlets like KEXP, and even had their song “Cold Light” featured in a Toyota commercial!

Keep an eye on OperatorsMusic.com for more info and tour dates, as they get added.

Pick up music by Operators in the Last Gang Shop.

Listen to “Blue Wave” [EVERYWHERE].

6/02/17 – Primavera Sound – Barcelona, ES
6/05/17 – Beaches Brew – Ravenna, IT
6/07/17 – Dürer Kert – Budapest, HU
6/08/17 – Dorćol Platz – Belgrade, SR
6/10/17 – Primavera Sound – Porto, PT
[more info/tickets]

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