Preston Lovinggood shares new music, Pre-order album

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By Sarah Sigro

On Apr 17, 2019

Preston Lovinggood has released Moon Fever.”  “Moon Fever is about wanting something that’s always out of reach,” Lovinggood told Glide Magazine, who premiered the new single. “The insatiable desire for one another, for walking into the sunset with the girl of your dreams and waking up and realizing in fact that’s all it was, a dream, a mirage in the distance.”

Preston says he drew upon the idea of “beach anxiety” while writing the song. “Wanting to take your shirt off and dive into the ocean. It’s about a fantasy and being afraid to take risks when you have feelings for someone.”

“Moon Fever joins “Everything Will Be Okay” as the second single released from Lovinggood’s forthcoming album Consequences, set for release May 17 via Last Gang Records.  Digital pre-order is available now HERE.

Consequences Track Listing

  1. Cherry Blossom
  2. Everything Will Be Okay
  3. Taken in the Night
  4. PTL
  5. Consequences
  6. Divorce
  7. Holy Smoke
  8. Moon Fever
  9. Callie
  10. Yellow Dog
  11. Don’t You Forget Me

Moon Fever” is arguably the spiritual centerpiece of the album. Managing to conjure a unique soundscape of its own, like sun-kissed, modern pop that pulls off the neat trick of appearing straightforward when, upon further inspection, the music often trails off into subtle psychedelic curls, Lovinggood’s third full-length release, is his most concise, hook-laden album to date. At just under 40 minutes, Consequence, with its rich productions and scrupulous observations peppered through the lyrics begs for repeat listening. “Everything Will Be Okay,” “Taken in the Night,” “Divorce,” and the beautifully orchestrated title-track are breathtaking, sweet, hilarious, hallucinatory, and devastating – often all at once.