Rhye unveils “Song For You” video

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On Feb 14, 2018

Today, RHYE surprised fans with the Valentine’s Day release of a music video for track, Song For You, off their critically acclaimed new album, BLOOD. Directed and produced by RHYE frontman, Milosh, and Geneviève Medow Jenkins, the stunning clip stars Nathalie Kelley alongside Christopher Brochu.

“‘Song for You’ explores the moments of our lives, the cycles we all experience,” shared Milosh. “We hope these moments resonate with you, both the joy and the pain, in the same way they did with us while making this piece.”

 Rhye believe everyone can use more love, so they created an easy way to show someone you care.  Rhye’s Valentine’s Day Cards allow fans to send Song For You, along with a personal love note to that special someone in their lives. Send one here.