RYAN Playground releases TOKYO feat. Lontalius

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By Hilary Grant

On May 04, 2018

After a successful run across North America, debuting new material through an innovative live set to packed venues at SXSW and Toronto’s Drake Hotel, Montreal producer, songwriter, and singer, RYAN Playground, returns with Tokyo (featuring Partisan Records’ artist, Lontalius), a new song from her forthcoming album set for release this summer via Secret Songs/ Last Gang Records. Listen to the track here.

“Lontalius and I agree that this song is about a moment of insecurity that can be translated in to different kinds of feelings,” RYAN says of the song. “For me, the idea of ‘Tokyo’ is about picturing something far away in the distance. There’s a notion of forgetting about yourself and drifting away.”

RYAN has also dedicated time to producing a selection of remixes and mashups, highlighting her versatility as a multifaceted artist. Check them out here.

“Over the past two years I’ve built up a collection of remixes and mashups that I made for my DJ sets. Some of them are songs that I loved in my childhood, so to be able to bring new life to them was so much fun.” RYAN says. “I originally wanted to keep them for my sets as surprises, but I felt that was too selfish haha, so I decided to release them. For the videos, I teamed up with one of my good friends, Laurent Malo, who does incredible work. Working with him was so natural and I think the videos show that. I’ll be doing a lot more with him in the future.”

RYAN first garnered attention last year with her debut EP, elle, for Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label. On elle, RYAN revealed her talents for unconventional pop arrangements and introspective songwriting. Tokyo and the new remix series follows Almost Died, a delicate reflection on the intensities that come with relationships. Speaking on the song RYAN explains, “‘Almost Died’ is about the vulnerability that comes with bonding over shared issues and the intense connections that can result.” The album’s first single, Prolongation, follows RYAN as she journeys back to childhood. Watch the video directed by Didier Charette here.

Check out her teaser video below and stay tuned as RYAN releases new material and keep your eyes out for tour dates to be announced soon!