RYAN Playground Releases Video For “Prolongation”

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By Nicholas

On Jul 05, 2017

Some things are better left alone, but others demand to be examined in search of resolution. Such is the case for RYAN Playground on her new single “Prolongation.” In forthright yet computerized vocals, she sings, “Even if you make it right, I can’t lie, something isn’t right when we say goodbye.” The word “goodbye” is stretched out into the proceeding beat so that it sounds like Playground’s robotic vocals stumbled upon a glitch — appropriate given that the song is about an unresolved rupture in her past.

Director Didier Charette’s accompanying music video is an assemblage of low and high-fidelity shots in which Playground takes long walks and journeys into meadows and silent tunnels, a universal way of contemplating unfinished business of romantic affairs. As Charette explains via email, the walking represents a trip backwards in time.

Listen to “Prolongation” [EVERYWHERE].