Sebastien Grainger's Yours to Discover is out now

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By Greg

On Nov 12, 2013

Happy Tuesday! The brand new album from Sebastien Grainger, Yours to Discover, dropped today and you can grab it here.

The album, which is a pop-based, synth heavy exploration into a new contemporary sound for Grainger, is already getting rave reviews. The first single, Going With You, premiered last month on Pitchfork; and you can hear the next two singles, Waking Up Dead and I’m Looking for a Hand, on and Noisey.

Grainger also did an interview (out today) with the National Post . The feature focuses on Grainger’s recent move to sunny Los Angeles from his hometown of Toronto, the benefits of vitamin D (music!) and duh, Rob Ford.

This Thursday, Grainger is hosting an exclusive listening party via UStream that will allow fans to listen, discuss and experience the entire album from start to finish. Don’t miss this!