Stars announce Heart on vinyl, first pressing

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On Apr 10, 2018

Stars celebrated sophomore album Heart was recorded in the bedroom of keyboard player Chris Seligman on Avenue Mont-Royal in Montreal. The album was originally released in 2003. A description at the time pinned the band as more New Order and Saint Etienne. The New York Times praised the album as: “Lovely. Romantic. Devastating.” Words often used to describe the soothing sounds of Stars. Adjectives aside, one thing is for certain: Stars have a knack for writing gently devastating pop songs.

Now Heart will be pressed for the first time in a worldwide limited edition of 500 copies on 140 gram Translucent Light Blue vinyl and released on April 21, 2018 – Record Store Day in Canada. A vinyl release for the U.S. will follow in May.  A pre-order for the LP is available now. 

“Heart was the first record we made as a band together,” notes Torquil Campbell. “It was, like everything we have ever done, an act of love for each other. We knew that what we were doing was totally unfashionable and we expected nothing from it except to be together and get loaded on wine and make music. And that’s what is so perfect about the record: it’s just the sound of people in love with each other. A pure statement of faith from a group of people too young to be cynical yet. The fact that it never came out on vinyl is due to the timing. Heart was made in the hubris filled days of the early 2000’s, when record labels still thought selling little bits of crappy plastic to people at fifteen bucks a pop was a sustainable business model, and so no vinyl was made. It was thought of as passé back then.

We live and learn, eh?

We finished it with our friend David Hodge, who worked miracles and mixed it for 500 bucks or something like that, and started sending it around to labels while we planned what we were all going to do for a living instead of being in a band…And then something happened. It found an audience. It found a home. And it started the nearly twenty year relationship we have had with our loyal and beautiful listeners. It means a lot to us that this is finally available in the format it deserves, and we hope it will take its place comfortably next to the other stars records on your shelf. We all fade away one day…But vinyl…vinyl might as well be forever. We are Stars, and this is still our heart.”