Meadowlands Film Featured at 2015 Tribeca Film Fest / Soundtrack Produced by Last Gang Records

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By Ben

On Apr 17, 2015

We are very excited to announce that the film Meadowland will be premiering at this year’s 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.  Meadowland  details the hazy aftermath of an unimaginable loss, Sarah (Olivia Wilde) and Phil (Luke Wilson) become unhinged, recklessly ignoring the repercussions. Phil starts to lose sight of his morals as Sarah puts herself in increasingly dangerous situations, falling deeper into her own fever dream.

Cinematographer Reed Morano takes her first Turn in the director’s chair with this masterfully crafted contemplation on a relationship strained to the breaking point.  The Soundtrack is provided by Last Gang Records, with Chris Taylor as Associate Producer, Sean Mulligan as Music Supervisor, and Victoria Beard as Music Coordinator.   Music by Ryan Hemsworth, Lindi Ortega, and Modern Superstitions; along with Bob Seger, Burzum, Kid Cudi; with score composed by Adam Taylor (August Osage County) will all appear in the film.