The New Pornographers discuss their new album

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By Greg

On Feb 26, 2014

It’s been four years since Vancouver indie rock band The New Pornographers released their last album (Together, 2010), and the new one can’t come soon enough. But with such successful solo careers for the groups main memebrs, it’s fair to say they’ve had a lot going on. Lead singer and founder, Carl (AC) Newman, released his second solo effort, Shut Down the Streets in 2012 and vocalist Neko Case released her critically acclaimed follow up to Middle Cyclone in September of 2012.

Now that their sixth full-length is almost completed, Newman took the time to sit down with Under the Radar Magazine to discuss the recording process, his soundtrack work, album themes and how they’ve made sure to not repeat themselves.

On the new music:

It’s pretty close. We’re not trying to rush it out or anything, but it’s pretty close. I feel like if someone leaked everything—all the mixes we have right now—it would feel like a finished album. But we still have some ways to go on it. We always want to tweak things, so it’s good to have a little bit of that luxury. Neko is still touring her album, so there’s no point in us rushing or anything. It’s nice to have a record done and I can go and do something else for a while, or get a head start on the next one, even.

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