West Nile signs to Last Gang Records

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By Greg

On Jan 20, 2017

London, Ontario’s West Nile is thrilled to announce their official signing to Last Gang Records, and marks the event with the release of a stunning cover of Alice Cooper’s Only Women Bleed. The track is available today for listeners to check out on their streaming platform of choice: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play.

West Nile comments, “On the surface, Only Women Bleed is a song about a physically abusive relationship. I am fortunate to never have had a partner physically abuse me; however, in the depths of my addiction, I was manipulative, controlling, and the emotionally abusive partner. Although I believed I was in loving relationships, I used men selfishly for comfort and to improve my lack of self-worth. Eventually, imagining a life of sobriety seemed much more difficult than getting into cars with strange men. I used to believe I was a special case – never experiencing trauma, or a shitty childhood. And yet still I became someone selling myself for drugs and alcohol. At the time, when the people I loved began to exit my life, I felt deep resentment and self-pity. I expected someone who loved me to stay with me no matter how bad things got. I now understand the people who left me were not betraying me; rather, they were showing me that my behavior was intolerable. They were doing a difficult and loving thing by leaving the abuse in order to heal themselves. Sometimes the most loving thing we can do for others is to leave and get well. I would not have the life I have today if they had allowed my behavior to continue.”

Following the 2015 release of their self-titled debut EP — which could be described as Air and Miami Sound Machine’s love child — the group is back in the studio working on their next offering. These sessions created the rendition of Only Women Bleed, which will be featured on their forthcoming album.

West Nile were formed in once serial killer capital of the world, London Ontario. The two-piece hip hop influenced electro-pop outfit are Kit Bath (vocals) and L-DC (production). Bath’s vocals are layered meticulously, almost as if to mask the vulnerability of her dark yet playful lyrics, while L-DC’s production is 90,000 tons of electronic power. Combined they are a weapon. They just want you to dance.

Stay tuned for more from West Nile in 2017!